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Probe Lubricant - click to enlarge
Probe Lubricant - click to enlarge

Probe Lubricant

Probe lubricants, probe lube, one of the most looked for lubricants around. Probe Silky-Light or Rich-Thick are unique from one another and people love there consistency and easy. Select Probe Silky-Light for greater sensitivity or Rich-Thick for more substantial lubrication. You will be back for more after you tried it once. Get lubed with either Rick-Thick or Silky-Light Formula.

Ingredients: Purified Water, Vegetable Glycerin (to retain moisture), Polyethylene Oxide (a stable, biologically inert polymer), Grapefruit Seed Extract (to prevent micro-organism contamination) Designed to mimic your body's own natural fluids, PROBE is the most natural lubricant on the market. It has three simple ingredients, no harsh chemicals, and a natural citrus preservative. PROBE is safe for vaginal, rectal and oral use and is even harmless if swallowed. Probe Lubricant is also recommended by many doctors and is in use by State Health Departments, Planned Parenthood Clinics, and Universities across the country. (Images may vary)

Probe Lubricant  2.5 oz Silky Light
Probe Lubricant 2.5 oz Silky Light

Probe Lubricant 2.5 oz Silky Light
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