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GLP-11900CPrice: $0.90Special Price: $0.70, 3 for $1.65, 12 for $5.50
Tantric Pleasure Tribal Design Condoms - click to enlarge
Tantric Pleasure Tribal Design Condoms - click to enlarge

Tantric Pleasure Tribal Design Condoms

The New Tantric Pleasure Condoms. These condoms come in 3 different tribal ribbed designs to make and give a passionate feeling while intercourse. Assorted Styles(sold individually) . Now from Tantric condoms, the Tantric Pleasure condoms come in 3 styles that will get you ready to play. Sold as assorted individual single, if purchased in Qty of 3 you will receive 1 of each style. Tantric come in: Titan, Tribal or Moari ribbed design. Driven by the popularity of ZERO, Tantric Pleasures condoms have a flared shape, with a wider base and tip and a secure fit at the center of the condom, they are also lubricated. The result is a condom that feels great, fits great, and performs even greater.

Dimensions: Nominal Width: 53 +/- 2mm, Maximum Width Near Tip: 61 +/- 2mm, Width at Base: 56 +/- 2mm, Average Length: >180 mm Condom Material: Natural Rubber Latex, Lubricant: Premium Silicone Lubrication

Customer wanted a condom that's interesting, that feels great inside and out and here is the answer: The Exotic Tantric Pleasures™, the first condom in the world created with tattoo-inspired texture for increased pleasure and an easy-rolling flared shape for added comfort. Tantric's exotic textures come in 3 styles: Maori, Titan and Tribal all tattoo designs. Influenced by popular body art designs and alternative philosophies, appealing to those who want a healthy and fun way to express themselves and each other with new pleasures. (1 Qty equal total of 1 condom, sold individually) Style #11900C-Assorted

GLP-11900C Price: $0.90 Special price: $0.70, 3 for $1.65, 12 for $6.00

GLP-11900CPrice: $0.90Special Price: $0.70, 3 for $1.65, 12 for $5.50

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  Love these, March 6, 2012
Posted By:

i just tried these condoms and i was not sure what to expect, But Wow! these are my new condoms from now on. Loved the feel, look and the fit. Also are so easy to carry in the round shape. Love them i will be back to by more for sure

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